Auto Shop Funding

Your customers trust you to keep their vehicles operating in peak condition. Who would you trust for the business capital you need for your auto shop’s operations?

Whether you’d like to expand your shop space, grow your auto parts inventory, or hire another mechanic, Knight Capital Funding can offer the merchant capital you need to meet your specific business goals.

Taking Business Funding in New Directions

With a cash advance from Knight Capital Funding, you can start putting business capital to work for you immediately. Forget waiting for loan approval to make a decision. A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) will give you the financial freedom to control your business’s future.

Unlike lenders, Knight Capital Funding allows you to use revenue from your existing customer credit card transactions to pay for your cash advance. Our funding specialists work with you to establish a predetermined percentage of your revenue stream that will be used to pay for your MCA. It’s working capital that works for you.

Tuning Up for a Cash Advance

The criteria that Knight Capital Funding considers when making a cash advance decision are whether you’ve been in business for at least six months and receive at least $10,000 per month in revenue. We look seriously at your auto shop’s business growth potential; personal credit is only a minor factor in our decision-making process.

Whether your existing auto shop is in need of a renovation or you’re mapping out plans for a new site, contact Knight Capital Funding today. Let us tune up your business with the business capital you need to keep your customers’ vehicles road ready. Getting started is easy, just complete the contact form on this page.