Construction Funding

The construction industry is on a rebuilding mission. Over the past four years, the economy has gained more than 500,000 construction jobs. Residential and commercial construction spending has increased significantly since 2010, according to numerous sources, including The Washington Post.

For contractors, the present surge in construction is positive news, but trying to find the working capital needed for business growth can dampen the enthusiasm. At Knight Capital Funding, we believe in investing in those who are building the future of our communities. That’s why we provide business capital funding for contractors and contracting firms. You and your firm could be eligible for a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) from Knight Capital Funding.

Creating a Cash Advance

While lenders will consider a contractor’s balance sheets and tax returns for merchant funding and loan grants, Knight Capital Funding considers business growth potential. Our cash advance products offer easy ways to obtain business capital without a loan or dealing with a long application process.

These are some common situations in which working capital can make an impact on businesses in the construction sector:

  • Purchasing tools, equipment, and software packages
  • Purchasing building supplies
  • Hiring employees and developing employee training programs
  • Developing an advertising campaign
  • Securing office space to establish a firm’s headquarters
  • Or anything else – we do not restrict how you spend the advance

Building Strong Financial Bases

When personal credit concerns hold you back, find out how a Knight Capital Funding cash advance can build pathways to your business’s success. If you’ve been in business for at least six months and earn at least $10,000 each month, use the contact form on this page to get started now.