Manufacturing Funding

It can be difficult to get funding with respect to a new manufacturing operation, particularly if you have a poor credit history or really don’t have ample time to wait for conventional bank funding. Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) are ideal for this common situation. An MCA offers business owners immediate access to working capital and is the ideal option for entrepreneurs who have bad personal credit.

This form of fast business funding analyzes the overall health of your company, so individual credit and collateral are not an issue. Once approved, we deposit cash directly into your bank account, as a lump sum, in exchange for a predefined amount of your business’s future sales. If you are approved, you will quickly get the cash you need to help your company grow and be successful now.

Our small business funding application and review process is normally complete within 24 hours or less. That turnaround time can’t be beat when compared to negotiating with a traditional funding provider that may take weeks to sort through your application and financials. Even if you have that extra time to spare, dealing with a bank might not be an option for you if you’ve had credit troubles. You can count on Knight Capital Funding to provide the fast funding you need to make your dream manufacturing venture become reality.

Getting Started

It’s important to dream big when making business plans, but you can’t get very far without working capital. When businesses need cash to achieve their goals, they contact Knight Capital Funding. Use the contact form on this page to get started now.