Retail Store Funding

Close to 4 million retail establishments account for a $2.6 trillion impact on the U.S. gross domestic product, according to the National Retail Federation. Today, retailers are driving innovation in communities across the country. From motor vehicle and parts dealers to food services providers, retailers deliver consumer goods and services across a broad range of industries.

For retailers looking to further develop their businesses, Knight Capital Funding offers guidance and support for securing working capital through Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs). Unlike loans, MCAs are based on your business’s future receivables so you can finance your business goals. Every retail operation is distinctly different from the next. That’s why our cash advances are tailored to meet the needs of your specific business operations.

Business Capital for Retailers

Here are a few common ways in which retailers use the quick capital from an MCA:

  • Purchase inventory
  • Hire and train additional sales staff
  • Develop a marketing or advertising campaign
  • Expand your physical retail space
  • Purchase and install retail build-out equipment (such as clothing racks and displays)
  • Launch a digital storefront to expand your brick-and-mortar operation
  • Or anything else – we don’t restrict how you use the money

Capital Funding With Your Future in Mind

Knight Capital Funding is not a lender. Rather than basing our funding decisions heavily on personal credit, our funding specialists look, instead, at your business’s growth potential. If you’ve been in business at least six months and generate at least $10,000 in revenue each month, complete the contact form on this page now to get started.