Use Inspiration from Hershey’s Chocolate and Business Loans for Bad Credit to Grow Your Business in February

Posted: February 9, 2017
Category: Finance

Hershey’s Chocolates are known around the world. The delicious creamy taste of the milk chocolate bars have grown the Hershey Company for over 120 years. While everyone knows about the candy Hershey’s produces, not everyone knows about the story and innovation behind the success. Instead of just buying chocolate for Valentine’s day, use February as the month to be inspired enough by the story of Milton Hershey to get the business loans for bad credit that you need to grow your business.

Don’t let Failure Hold You Back

It is easy to think of success when you think of the Hershey Company, Hershey Pennsylvania, and Hershey’s Chocolate. However, Milton Hershey experienced failure. He saw failure twice before he found success. In fact, before his 30th birthday he had went bankrupt twice. Can you imagine if he had given into the fear of failing again? Hershey started two caramel companies, and they both failed. He started another and started to find success.

It goes without saying that entrepreneurs are going to fail from time to time. The only difference between those that eventually succeed is their unwillingness to quit. Business owners with bad credit might think it’s impossible to get the funding they need to keep running another business. But, be inspired by a wildly successful entrepreneur that was bankrupt multiple times. Look for business loans for bad credit to get the funding you need.

A Little Innovation

Milton Hershey purchased a few machines that were used for making German chocolate. He used these machines to coat his caramels with chocolate. However, with a little innovation, he recreated his process and came up with the Hershey Bar. It was the first affordable chocolate for consumers to buy, and it became incredibly popular.

Hershey didn’t stop there. Over the years the company has expanded to include 80 brands. Many of the favorite candies that you love are part of the Hershey Company, and it all started from thinking outside of the box. Milton Hershey was innovated enough to find a way to create something that people didn’t have access to before. His strategy was to “Give them quality. That is the best kind of advertising.”

Find a Way to Give People What They Want

The world is changing and Hershey Company is using innovation to continue giving people what they want. Allergies and dietary restrictions are affecting more and more consumers. Hershey is meeting the demand that this new market has created. They haven’t been afraid to adjust ingredients or create new products for those that aren’t able to enjoy what they were already offering.

Small business owners can take a lesson from this. Once you have your core products or services established, don’t be afraid to see what changes you can make to keep up with the changing demands of consumers. This will help your business to stay on top of the market.

Don’t Be Afraid to Think Big

The Hershey name has become associated with much more than a candy bar in the 120+ years since its creation. Milton Hershey believed that if he treated his employees well they would be better employees. So, he created an entire community for them to live in. There were homes, schools. churches, and parks. This community is what we now know as Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The candy company created the opportunity for Mr. Hershey to open the boarding school for orphaned boys that he had dreamed of opening. His fortunes allowed him to fund many projects that benefited the community, including medical buildings, and educational and cultural projects. With no children to inherit his fortunes, Mr. Hershey used his funds to start or continue to support these many efforts.

Hershey has become a destination and not just a product. There is an amusement park, museum and hotel. They offer classes for consumers to come, learn, and enjoy.

Mr. Hershey did not allow his failure to keep him from succeeding in a big way, and neither should you. If you are struggling to make your business work because of past failure, then finding business loans for bad credit may be just what you need.

Getting Business Loans for Bad Credit

Knight Capital Funding can help you get past your past failure and find success. Milton Hershey was unwilling to throw in the towel, and you should be too. We offer funding that looks at the revenue and potential revenue of your company instead of your personal credit score and financial history. There is no collateral and we are able to work with many small business owners that have been turned down by traditional lenders.

If you have a rough history and bad credit, don’t give up. Talk to the consultants at Knight Capital Funding today to see if your business applies for our alternative small business loans, or complete the online form here.