Super Bowl Day: Get a Small Business Loan Online and Learn 4 Lessons From the Teams

Posted: February 5, 2017
Category: Finance

Super Bowl LI (51) has arrived! If you are a football fan this is a day you have been waiting for. The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons have fought long and hard over the season to make it to this point. Will Tom Brady take revenge after the Deflate Gate scandal? Will the #1 offense be able to score on the #1 defense? The game is sure to be a great one and you can make today a game changer for your business by getting a small business loan online.

4 Lessons You Can Learn From the Super Bowl Teams

The two best teams in the country are getting ready to face off and entrepreneurs can learn a lot from them.

1. Choose Who You Listen To

Sportscasters and fans around the country constantly criticize NFL players. Every move they make is analyzed and critiqued. Many Americans that are sitting on their couches watching the game feel the need to post on social media what the player should have done instead of what they actually did. However, successful NFL players have learned who to listen to and who to ignore.

Entrepreneurs experience the same thing, just on a smaller scale. When you start a business everyone in your life wants to give you advice. People who have no experience in business or your industry decide that you need to hear their opinion. Entrepreneurs that listen to everyone will be discouraged and most likely fail eventually. You have to choose who has experience that can benefit you and who you need to tune out.

If your small business was turned down for a business loan by a traditional bank, don’t let it get you down. Tune out the naysayers and look for an alternate loan.

2. Avoid Distractions

NFL players face many distractions leading up to the big game. There are articles online criticizing them, comments from other players, and parties galore. After a long season, they are tired and could easily be distracted. However, it’s crucial that they stay focused and avoid distractions if they want to win.

Entrepreneurs need to stay focused to grow a successful business, because constantly jumping from one business idea to the next will lead to constant failure. Entrepreneurs need to have a plan, stay the course and avoid distractions.

3. Put the Right People in the Right Places

People know the Patriot’s coach, Bill Belichick, for his ability to put the right people in the right places, and not being afraid to get rid of players that no longer fit. As an entrepreneur, you need to learn to do the same thing. You cannot do it all on your own, but it’s important that you get the right help.

People have questioned Belichick’s decisions to remove good players from the team on more than one occasion. However, he is going to the Super Bowl for his 7th time as a head coach, proving he knows what he is doing. Entrepreneurs need to learn how to make the hard decisions and replace employees that are not cutting it for their business.

4. Be Adaptable

Every team in the NFL goes into each game with a carefully strategized game plan. Good teams know that they need to adapt their plan each week according to their opponent. The great teams know how to be adaptable all throughout the game. When a plan isn’t working, Super Bowl level teams realize that they have to adapt to the game in order to win.

Developing a business plan is crucial for the success of most small businesses. However, small business owners need to be willing to adapt if their plan isn’t working. For example, if a small business is turned down for a traditional loan they have a few options:

  1. Continue applying for a traditional loan at other banks.
  2. Continue improving your credit score and finances to qualify for a traditional loan in the future.
  3. Seek alternate options, like a small business loan online

Get the Financing You Need

Teams that make it to the Super Bowl are determined, not lucky. They are willing to put in the hard work to find success and they alter their plan when needed to make it happen. If you have been turned down for a traditional loan, it’s time to adapt your plan. Knight Capital Funding gives you the ability to obtain a small business loan online.

We offer loans with no personal credit checks and no collateral. We have few requirements and specialize in working with businesses that are turned down for traditional financing. Having access to working capital is crucial to the growth of your company. If you are ready to make a game changing play for your company, see if you qualify today.