The Best Things that Have Happened on Skeptic’s Day to Give Businesses’ the Working Capital They Needed to Rise to the Top

Posted: January 12, 2017
Category: Finance

Do you consider yourself a skeptic? Then heads up because we have a day for you to mark on your calendars. And this year it falls on Friday the 13th, are you sensing the irony like we are?

If you are a business owner and are always reaching for the stars, Skeptic’s Day is designed for you to think a little differently. After all, we can’t all be dreamers. For every dreamer in a business partnership, you need a skeptic. They are the people who help keep us grounded. We are talking about those who are focused on the details, analytics, research, and facts. They may frustrate the dreamers because they won’t let you dive head first into anything but they also help make us successful.

Skeptic’s Day is a day to be wary of everything. Give yourself a day to tread softly. Put yourself in the shoes of your partner. Be cautious of things especially when it comes to what you read online. And make sure you research things before you share them on your brand’s social media page. You don’t want to have to pull it back.

Who knows, this year’s Skeptic’s Day may be the year for your business’ big break. Or it is the time for you to make an announcement that could change your business forever.

Historic Business Events on January 13th (Skeptic’s Day)

Wham-O Company Produced the 1st Frisbee

The toy that nearly every child grew up throwing around in their backyard was launched on January 13th in 1957. Think about how much that toy changed childhood play for millions of children throughout the last 60 years.

The launch also put the Wham-O Company on the map forever. The company went on to make classic childhood play toys such as the hula-hoop, the slip n’ slide, and Silly String. Talk about having enough working capital to continue product development for over 50 years.

NASA Selected its 1st American Women Astronauts

Just six years after Title IX was enacted, the law which dictated that girls must have equal opportunities in sports or be allowed to try out for the boys’ team in high school, NASA hired their first female astronauts. Sally Ride, would officially become the first female American astronaut in space in 1983 after five years of training. Imagine how the world changed forever when they saw that women could do anything a man could do, including go into space?

Women entrepreneurs have continued to change the way we live and work. Women in the workplace are smashing the glass ceiling and NASA helped to continue the movement back in 1978. This is the 39th Anniversary of that announcement. And for all the skeptics out there, women are continuing to break barriers.

Michael Jordan Announces His Retirement Part 1

Back in 1999, Michael Jordan made it public that he would be retiring; however, as the story goes, he returned to basketball again in 2001. Generating more working capital for his sponsors including Nike and the “Jordan” brand.

Microsoft’s Founder Bill Gates Promotes Steve Ballmer to CEO

Everyone knows the company that revolutionized how we work. Whether you are using Word, Excel, or any of the other Microsoft Office Suite products, Bill Gates has had an impact on your life. Remember Clippy, the Microsoft Office “Assistant”?

In 1999, Bill Gates made the decision to promote Steve Ballmer to the CEO position and remain a Technology Advisor of the company he founded in 1975. He knew this was the right decision to continue driving that innovation.

Record Powerball Lottery is Officially Won

After several rounds without a winner, the largest Powerball Lottery was won by three individuals on January 13th, 2016. The drawing happened late in the evening with millions watching to see if they would get their share of $1.6 billion.

With so many events that have happened throughout history on January 13th, what are we to expect on Friday the 13th and Skeptic’s Day this year? Who knows, your business might even catch its big break. And if you are waiting for your big break to fall into your lap, it might be the best day to take a leap of faith. After all, you could be like Michael Jordan and just return to the game years later if all does not go according to plan.

And if the only thing that is holding you back from launching the next big thing like the Wham-O Company did with the Frisbee, is your working capital, we can help with that too. At Knight Capital Funding, we specialize in getting you the funding you need so that you can be the first to do something. Even though you can’t be the first female American astronaut anymore, you still can be the first at a lot of things. It is all about what you choose to have a passion for.

So whatever your passion is, let us help you get the cash or working capital you need. You won’t be disappointed. Give us a call today and make this the best Skeptic’s Day yet?