Martin Luther King Jr’s Dreams Can Help You Grow Your Business Even if You Need Bad Credit Business Loans

Posted: January 15, 2017
Category: Finance

On this day, as we celebrate the great Martin Luther King Jr. we often wonder what he would say about the state of the world. What would he think about our economy? What would he have to say about our political system? Or even, what would he think about the state of the small business community?

Although we can’t ask him directly what he thinks about our world today, we think he would be extremely pleased with the progress made in the small business community. And as small business owners ourselves, we have a lot to be thankful for thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. His passion and dreams allowed anyone to dream big. He believed anyone could make a difference in the world if they gave it everything they had.

Three Ways MLK Changed the Small Business World

He Taught Us to Be a Part of the Community

Small businesses are the bread and butter keeping many communities together. Not only do they provide jobs to residents and pay taxes but they put an emphasis on being a part of the community. Whether it is sponsoring a local sports team or 5K run. Small businesses donate their time and money in small ways that can make a big impact.

MLK taught everyone to come together and march as one. Small businesses continue that movement today as they continue to battle the big-name stores. We think that MLK would be very proud of the fact that we have a Small Business Day in November and the many #BuyLocal campaigns on social media.

Believe in the Dream but Be Aware of Reality

Never underestimate what you can achieve but know the steps to get there. There will always be people around to help small business owners who are willing to ask for it. Whether you need financial guidance or are struggling with expanding your business. You are not alone in the small business world and there are many business owners who have already gone through exactly what you are going through now. Let their expertise and past mistakes help you avoid making the same ones. And even if you do make a mistake, know that it is not the end of the world. In fact, you will probably learn more from that one mistake than if you had done it right.

Never Ask Someone Else to Do What You are Not Willing to Do Yourself

MLK never expected anyone to march into a situation that he was unwilling to go himself. He never asked anyone to give up their livelihood like he did. He was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the cause he believed in and in the end he did. MLK believed in people and the goodness they had inside of them. He believed in the future and so should you.

As a small business owner, you cannot expect your staff to do a job that you are unwilling to do. Instead of always sitting in your office, make sure you go out and show your staff you care. Work alongside them, just like he did.


Three Things MLK would Say to the Small Business Owner in Need of Bad Credit Business Loans

Believe in Yourself

Martin Luther King Jr. believed that anyone could make a difference. It didn’t matter your background, your race, or your religion. You were the master of your destiny.

Remember, you are the one who started your own business, you did it all on your own. Use that same drive and passion to find another option to get the funding you need. If you need bad credit business loans, look for providers who offer these options like Knight Capital Funding. We believe in your business model and understand mistakes happen. Just like MLK, we believe what you do after your mistakes is the greatest opportunity for growth.

Find a Mentor

A mentor is someone who can help guide you through the application process. But they can also help you learn how to improve your credit score. Never forget your credit score is a constantly changing figure. It does not define who you are as a person or a business owner. You control your own destiny and a mentor can help you realize that.

Understand “Why” and “How”

Applying for bad credit business loans is nothing to be embarrassed about. But if you are, ask yourself how your credit score got to where it is. Was it a business deal gone bad? Did you have a business partner that took advantage of you? You should also understand how these products are designed to help you. Why not start exploring the advantages products like a cash advance can bring to your company? Remember, these are products that were designed for people with a dream.

Never forget the powerful words of Martin Luther King Jr. He inspired a nation in a time when someone of color had very little hope. He believed in the kindness of people and knew that people had good within them. When it comes to the small business world, MLK changed the rules for those who could run a business. He never believed businesses had to be segregated to be successful. He knew that strong business owners, regardless of their race, gender or religious beliefs could prosperous and change the world.

Today is your day to start believing in yourself. One day you had a dream to be running your own business and now you are doing it. But it is okay to need a little help. Why not let us be the ones to help you?