This New Year, A Small Business Loan Can Help You Be a Better Boss

Posted: January 5, 2017
Category: Finance

The New Year is a great time to commit to being a better boss for your employees. It is the perfect time to figure out what motivates them and how you can keep them engaged in their work. Engaged employees are more likely to perform better and stay with the business. In a world where the millennials will make up the largest generation in the workforce by 2020, we must find ways to keep our staff engaged. This is a generation that was raised with a new model of phones coming out each year so how can we expect them to keep a job for longer than they keep their phone? The millennials are stereotyped to be mobile and ever changing and unlikely to stay with a company past their two-year anniversary. But that can be changed if they are kept engaged and continue to advance their responsibilities within the business.

6 Ways to Be a Better Boss in 2017


The best bosses are willing to listen more than they talk. And remember that communication is not always just about what you are saying. It is also what your body language is saying. And typically, our bodies are saying a lot, often without us knowing. Nonverbal communication is actually more telling than words. Remember that people are not always good listeners but most people are observers. Make sure your employees know that they can come to you with problems or concerns. Be open and willing to listen and when needed, offer advice.

Understand the Demographics

As the world is changing, it is more important than ever to have a diverse workforce. That means many generations working together under one roof. Not only is it generational but it is also racial, religious, and many other demographics. Diversity covers a wide range of things and it is more important than ever to include it in your workforce.

When you look around at your team, you may just discover what drives and motivates them.

Value Differences

Never think that because one of your employees thinks differently from you that it is a problem. The best bosses understand and appreciate the differences their employees bring to the table. You never want to hire a team that is just like you because you will continue to get the same outcome. The best bosses hire the people who challenge them because they know it will deliver the best results.

Focus on the Basics

Before you write off someone on your team for not mastering a high-level skill. Make sure that you have worked with them on the basics first. Strong foundations that are built up over time can lead to long-term success at a company. Don’t ask someone to apply for an advance commercial loan with multiple terms and conditions if they don’t even know where to start to get a small business loan. Remember, you can’t build the house without a strong foundation and you can’t get a complex loan without understanding the small business loan process.

Take a Step Back

Sometimes the thing that your employees need the most is for you to give them a chance to try. How can anyone learn if the boss is always hovering around? After all, people often learn the most from their failures. That is not saying you ever want anyone on your team to fail or make costly mistakes but when you can afford to, it is wise to let them try alone. Let them come to you asking for help.

Give Everyone a Role

The best teams are the ones where everyone knows where they fit. How can you expect anyone to buy into your business model if they don’t know what their role is? Make sure your employees know how they fit into the future of your business.

If you are considering opening a new store, why not hire a manager for that location from your current employee base. This not only keeps you from having to hire a new manager and build that trusting relationship but it shows your current employee how much you value their knowledge about your business.

Remember, the small business community was built on relationships and people. As the boss, it is important to remain self-aware and constantly looking for ways to improve. In the long run, being a better boss can help your business in more ways than you can ever imagine.

We promise the feeling you get as you develop employees is more rewarding than all the profits in the world. The first time you can teach an employee how to get a small business loan because you have inspired them to go out on their own will be the best day since opening your own shop. Remember, growing the small business community is about working together and helping others achieve their hopes and dreams and the first step is learning how to get funding like a small business loan. Who knows, you may go from being a boss to a mentor.