How Do You Apply for a Small Business Grant?

Posted: January 18, 2017
Category: Finance

These days, finding the funding you need to run your business can be tough. Whether your credit score is too low, small business grants are harder each time, or you don’t have the time to file all the paperwork, there is always a reason. But if you stop making excuses, you are sure to find the funding options you have been looking for.

This is where small business grants can help you grow your business but beware the application is not a quick one.

So how do you apply for a small business grant?

Step 1: Search for Small Business Grants Online

A short Google search of small business grants will turn up thousands of results. All the grant values will range from $500 to several thousand dollars. If you are in a special circumstance such as being a woman business owner or you are a minority business owner, there are additional grants available to you.

Step 2: Understand the Requirements

Each grant is different. So, if you are applying for multiple grants make sure you are not using the same application. Some grants will want you to apply with an essay. Others will want copies of your financial statements. And don’t worry if your business does not meet the requirements for certain grants because there are plenty more that you do qualify for. After all, some grants are designed for startups. While, others are designed for specific kinds of businesses.

Step 3: Get Organized

Because every grant is different, make sure you outline the different requirements. You will also need to keep track of when all the grant applications are due. And don’t forget to proofread your materials before you hit that submit button.

Step 4: Keep a Backup

With as much time as you are spending on these applications, you want to make sure you have a backup copy. If you are doing everything electronically, make sure you save it to an external hard drive. As small business owners, we have very little time to lose and if we must recreate work the likelihood that it will get done is very low. Trust us, you will be less worried and feel less rushed if you know there is a Plan B available.

Step 5: Submit

Make sure when you are completing a small business grant application that you fill out every question. Ask someone else to look it over for you. Often when we spend so much time looking at one thing we can think we are seeing it completed when really, you skipped a key question. It is okay to ask a trusted friend or employee for help.

When you are ready, it is time to hit the submit button. Don’t wait until the last minute. If you are mailing an application, you don’t want to chance that it can get lost or delayed due to weather. And if you are submitting online, you don’t want their website to be down. You will feel better if you give yourself more time.

Small business grants are a great way to get your business the funding you need but it isn’t the only option. Because small business grants are so time consuming, many business owners just forget about them or write them off. That is why at Knight Capital Funding, we have simplified the funding process because we know as small business owners ourselves we don’t have a lot of extra time.

The Application Process

  • Go online to our website and apply through our easy to follow form.
    • Unlike a small business grant, our form is easy to understand. You will not be buried in paperwork when it comes to this application.
  • Within 24 hours we will review your application and get back to you with how much you have been approved for.
  • If you choose to accept our offer, we can get the funding process started immediately.
    • It will take about three days to officially have the cash cleared in your bank account but that is only because of the traditional banking process.
  • Once you have received the money, you can start spending it the way you need to, to take your business to the next level.
    • This is when we will start to take a fixed daily percentage of your credit card sales. This is done instead of you having to remember to make a monthly payment. This will continue until the full amount of the advance has been paid back.

If you don’t have the time to apply for a small business grant, have no fear. A merchant cash advance is a great option that is far less time consuming. We have made it so because we understand the challenges of applying for other funding options. Not only will you get the cash you need in just three days but the approval process is just as simple. We know as business owners; you need the funding when you need it not in a few weeks.

What are you waiting for? Apply with us today and start growing your business tomorrow.