Let American Painters Day Be the Day You Help Your Service Business Grow with a Working Capital Loan

Posted: February 3, 2017
Category: Finance

Today is American Painters Day and it can also become the day that you change the future of your business with a working capital loan. Painters Day is celebrated on the birthday of American painter, Norman Rockwell. He was famous for depicting pictures of life in America. His pictures graced the cover of the Saturday Evening Post for almost 50 years. But, his painting Freedom of Want is what most people recognize him for. This is the painting we know as the “Normal Rockwell Thanksgiving”.

Helping Build the American Dream

Rockwell’s idealistic paintings, while criticized by some, captured many of things that made Americans proud. One of those freedoms we enjoy as Americans is the ability to create the life that we want through building a business. It’s one of the American dreams.  Painters include both those we think of as artists and those that work in the construction trades. Both styles of painting can be incredibly profitable, however, we don’t have the phrase “starving artist” for nothing. It can be difficult to succeed as a painter or small business owner, but Knight Capital Funding can help by providing a working capital loan. The process is easy, and the hardest part is motivating yourself to take action.

Changing the Dynamic

Those that built America did so through hard work and innovation. Small business owners of the past found, or created, the opportunities that they needed to succeed. The generations have been changing and we have reached a point where many people believe that everything should be handed to them. Small business owners end up shocked when they are denied for a business loan. They can choose to quit, or to push through and find a solution. If you want to succeed in your business, it’s time to stop complaining and take action. Business owners turned down by traditional lenders may be able to obtain an alternate loan that can provide the working capital loan they need to grow their business, like those offered by Knight Capital Funding.

Take Action

Sitting around and complaining that you don’t have the capital you need to help your business succeed will do nothing for you. You have to take action and find a way to make it happen. Take an example from the life of Normal Rockwell. He tried to enlist for the military during World War I, but he was refused because he was eight pounds underweight for his height. Did he complain and give up? Absolutely not. He spent the night eating and the next day weighed enough to enlist. Today can be your day to “make weight” with your business because Knight Capital Funding specializes in working with small businesses that traditional lenders refuse to work with.

Fast Working Capital Loan

When you are ready to stop complaining and start doing, you will need access to working capital. Many small business get trapped in the cycle of needing working capital to grow their business, but needing more businesses to get the capital they need. This is when a small business needs to obtain a loan to break the cycle. However, traditional lenders have strict requirements and many small businesses are not to qualify. That is where Knight Capital Funding can help. By providing merchant cash advance loans, we help give business owners fast access to the working capital they need, without the long list of requirements.

Getting a Working Capital Loan

The process is quick and easy. There are only a few requirements:

  • $10,000 a month in revenue
  • Business open for a minimum of 6 months
  • Good potential for future growth

That’s it. Personal credit score and history do not play a role, and neither does having collateral to offer. If you meet these requirements you can apply today by calling 855-462-4249 or completing our online form.

Access Cash Quickly

Small business owners that are ready to take action need money now. Painters and other companies in the construction trades typically need money upfront, but don’t get paid until the work is complete.Waiting several months for loan approval, which is normal with traditional lenders, can mean lost business opportunities. Knight Capital Funding works to get you the money that you need, when you need it. The approval process is quick and once accepted,  your funds are transferred to your bank account on the same day.

Even when traditional lenders turn you down, you can quickly get access to the working capital you need to fund your business. Repayments are a percentage of your daily revenue. That means your payments work with you. You pay less on the days you earn less, which helps you to maintain the cash flow you need.

Get Inspired into Action

Whether you are an artistic painter like Norman Rockwell, or a residential or commercial painter in the construction trades, use American Painters Day as a day to get inspired and take action. Knight Capital Funding specializes in working with the construction trades and would like to help you grow your business with the working capital loan you need. Take a minute today to apply for your merchant cash advance loan with Knight Capital Funding, and work towards your American dream.